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Welcome to virtual graveyard!

WHY virtual graveyard? It has something to do with a „curse“ I have on me, at least if you ask my colleagues. We do a roadshow called „VMware TechUpdate“ for your customers and all others at the VMware community twice a year. Several years ago I choose to speak about the VMware Virtual Storage Appliance(VSA), sadly during the roadshow VMware announced to discontiue VSA. At one of the following „TechUpdate“ I wanted to present VMware Heartbeat and again VMware discontinued it. Than I hab to present Pernix Data FVP on a company internal event and you may guess? right! PernixData was sold to Nutanix and never seen again!VirtualGraveDigger

So my colleagues came up with the myth „everything“ I will present would „die“ and they gave me the nickname „virtual gravedigger“. So I think thats a nice reference to my websites name 🙂

And to make it clear, NOT everything I presented will discontinued, vSphere, vSAN and VCSA are still alive, so I think it is not entirely my fault, if some products are buried.

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