Considerations for future vSphere Homelabs due…

Considerations for future vSphere Homelabs due to upcoming removal of SD card/USB support for ESXiConsiderations for future vSphere Homelabs due...In case you have not heard the news, VMware had recently published a new knowledge base article (KB 85685) outlining details for the future removal of SD card/USB as a standalone boot device for ESXi. 📣... Weiterlesen →

Octant Community Meeting – September 22th, 2021

Octant Community Meeting - September 22th, 2021Octant Community Meeting - September 22th, 2021Octant community meeting is held weekly. We discuss and talk about the current state and future of Octant, demo upcoming features and releases, and preview new ideas we are considering for Octant. Feel free to add any discussion topic or question you may... Weiterlesen →

vSphere Replication Technical Overview

vSphere Replication Technical OverviewvSphere Replication Technical OverviewVMware vSphere Replication is a virtual machine data protection and disaster recovery solution. It is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and VMware vSphere Web Client, providing host-based, asynchronous replication of virtual machines. vSphere Replication is a proprietary replication [...]VMware Social Media Advocacy

Why Computational Storage Makes Sense for the Edge

Why Computational Storage Makes Sense for the EdgeWhy Computational Storage Makes Sense for the EdgeThe continual increase in the quantity of the data that systems must process places a burden on traditional system architectures, leading to bottlenecks in performance. In this blog post, I’ll explain how computational storage technology can enable existing servers to gain... Weiterlesen →

VMworld – which session should I attend?…

VMworld – which session should I attend? Everything Cloud with NSX Advanced Load Balancer.VMworld – which session should I attend?...VMworld is right around the corner, and you are curious to learn more about what the NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) can do for your multi-cloud or hybrid environment. We’ve got you covered. Register today... Weiterlesen →

Major VxRail software update – VxRail 7.0.240

Major VxRail software update – VxRail 7.0.240Major VxRail software update – VxRail 7.0.240Dynamic nodes Compute-only nodes with no vSAN license Flexible primary storage options – VMware vSAN HCI Mesh or Dell EMC external storage arrays Scale compute independent of storage VxRail HCI System Software with dynamic nodes for VxRail LCM experience E560F, P570F, and V570F... Weiterlesen →

Improved Uptime for Stretched Cluster and 2…

Improved Uptime for Stretched Cluster and 2 Node clusterImproved Uptime for Stretched Cluster and 2...In vSAN 7 Update 3, if the cluster experiences a witness site fault after one of the sites has already been deemed unavailable, vSAN will continue maintaining data availability for the workloads running inside the stretched cluster or the 2 Node... Weiterlesen →

VMSA-2021-0020: Questions & Answers

VMSA-2021-0020: Questions & AnswersVMSA-2021-0020: Questions & AnswersVMSA-2021-0020 outlines security vulnerabilities in VMware vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation, including one critical vulnerability. These are common questions & answers about it to help guide customers.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Introducing a Federated Storage Platform

Introducing a Federated Storage PlatformIntroducing a Federated Storage PlatformA new Federated Storage Platform The drive of the IT industry towards cloud is making headlines almost daily, with most analysts focusing on public cloud providers. The combined market cap of Amazon, Microsoft and Google, the top three public cloud providers, is approaching six trillion dollars –... Weiterlesen →

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