Why Application Modernization Holds the Future…

To maximize their 5G investments, telecom companies need to take steps now to provide customers with what they’ll need in the future.Why Application Modernization Holds the Future...The APAC region is currently leading the world in the adoption of 5G and is set to remain in that position. Telcos here are planning to spend USD$331 billion... Weiterlesen →

Attention Carbon Black Resellers, Requirements…

Attention Carbon Black Resellers, Requirements Reminder…Attention Carbon Black Resellers, Requirements...For those of you arriving from the Carbon Black program, make sure you have achieved your tier requirements, including the Endpoint Protection Solution Competency accreditation by February 27, 2021 to maintain your tier standing. Contact your SBU specialist if you have questions about your [...]VMware Social... Weiterlesen →

Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools Whitepaper

Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools WhitepaperAnnouncing VMware Cloud Migration Tools WhitepaperWhen it comes to VMware Cloud customers have a choice of different providers to choose from, … The post Announcing VMware Cloud Migration Tools Whitepaper appeared first on VMware Cloud Community.VMware Social Media Advocacy

What’s New in VMware Horizon 8 Version 2012

What's New in VMware Horizon 8 Version 2012What's New in VMware Horizon 8 Version 2012Tom Fenton explains some of the new features and changes in the connection server and clients with version 2012 of the desktop and app virtualization product.VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware Cloud on AWS Hands-on Lab

VMware Cloud on AWS Hands-on LabVMware Cloud on AWS Hands-on LabRegister for VMware Cloud on AWS Hands-on Lab. Deploy a Software Defined Data Center in VMware Cloud on AWS & explore the usage of vCenter to manage the VMware Cloud on AWS.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Integrating DUO with Workspace ONE Access

Integrating DUO with Workspace ONE AccessIntegrating DUO with Workspace ONE AccessCheck out this blog to learn how to set up and configure a DUO and Workspace ONE Access integration. This integration does not require the use of radius and/or the Workspace ONE Access connector.VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Failover

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery FailoverVMware Cloud Disaster Recovery FailoverSimple, reliable disaster recovery (DR) of virtual machines to VMware Cloud on AWS using a new VMware on-demand DR offering that will be delivered as an easy-to-use SaaS solution with the benefits of cloud economics.VMware Social Media Advocacy


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