Are you getting your daily dose of vmLIVEs?

Are you getting your daily dose of vmLIVEs?Are you getting your daily dose of vmLIVEs?The program consists of daily, live webcasts spanning a wide range of topics designed to drive our go-to-market priorities forward. Bookmark our sessions schedule and register today!VMware Social Media Advocacy

Introducing KubeAcademy Pro: In-Depth…

Introducing KubeAcademy Pro: In-Depth Kubernetes Training, Totally FreeIntroducing KubeAcademy Pro: In-Depth...Introducing KubeAcademy Pro—a free education program that grants members access to technical, in-depth, product-agnostic Kubernetes training, exclusive workshops and virtual events.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Forbes: VMware’s Project Monterey Marks A Major…

Forbes: VMware’s Project Monterey Marks A Major Shift In Modern InfrastructureForbes: VMware’s Project Monterey Marks A Major...The evolution of application software led by containers and Kubernetes and the infrastructure evolution driven by specialized hardware accelerators mark the beginning of a new era. With Project Pacific and Project Monterey, VMware is well-positioned to exploit both these... Weiterlesen →

VMware Strategy for Intrinsic Security and Zero…

VMware Strategy for Intrinsic Security and Zero TrustVMware Strategy for Intrinsic Security and Zero...In this video, Sanjay Poonen, COO, VMware outlines how VMware is stepping up to the security challenge. He outlines the VMware vision and strategy for security and highlights key areas of innovation – endpoint, workload, network, identity and cloud, all supported by... Weiterlesen →

Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #174:…

Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode #174: vSphere with TanzuVirtually Speaking Podcast Episode #174:...I’m sure most readers are now aware that we now have 2 versions of what was initially called “Project Pacific” at VMworld 2019. Our initial release with vSphere 7.0 (vSphere with Kubernetes) was only available with VCF & NSX-T. However, with the release of... Weiterlesen →

Advanced Hands-on Lab: NSX-T Security

Advanced Hands-on Lab: NSX-T SecurityAdvanced Hands-on Lab: NSX-T SecurityThis LIVE instructor-led virtual Hands-on Lab will dive into security grouping and policy concepts, distributed firewall and tools, and distributed Intrusion Detection (IDS) in VMware NSX-T.VMware Social Media Advocacy


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