Can AI & Humans Be Team Players? Part Two

Can AI & Humans Be Team Players? Part TwoCan AI & Humans Be Team Players? Part TwoIf software is eating the world, can we trust artificial intelligence (AI) to help run it? That’s the question I asked and began to answer in Part One. As we enter 2020 and our organizations employ more sophisticated machine... Weiterlesen →

VMware vSAN a Finalist for Storage Magazine’s…

VMware vSAN a Finalist for Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year AwardVMware vSAN a Finalist for Storage Magazine’s...VMware is pleased to announce that vSAN, the only vSphere-native storage software, is a finalist in Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year competition for the newly created Hyper-converged and composable infrastructure category. We believe vSAN was chosen in... Weiterlesen →

Java on VMware Best Practices

Java on VMware Best PracticesJava on VMware Best PracticesWe are excited to announce the release of a paper detailing the best practices for deploying enterprise Java applications on VMware, including key considerations for architecture, performance, design and sizing, and high availability. This information should help the IT professionals to successfully deploy and run Java environments... Weiterlesen →

Project Pacific Webcast – Rearchitecting…

Project Pacific Webcast – Rearchitecting vSphere with Native KubernetesProject Pacific Webcast – Rearchitecting...Learn about rearchitecting VMware vSphere with Native Kubernetes during VMware's technical overview webcast. Watch it anytime on demand.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Rightsizing VMs with vRealize Operations

Rightsizing VMs with vRealize OperationsRightsizing VMs with vRealize OperationsRightsizing VMs is critical to get the best performance of your vSphere infrastructure and your VMs. Rampant oversizing of VMs can cause contention at the host or cluster level, which manifest as CPU ready, CPU co-stop, VM swap, etc. Undersized VMs can cause contention inside the guest... Weiterlesen →

What’s New in VMware App Volumes 4

What’s New in VMware App Volumes 4What’s New in VMware App Volumes 4The work of application management is never done! Providing applications to your end users includes packaging, delivering, and updating–all of which can be challenging, whether physical or virtual desktops are used. As a result, application management is expedited too often at the expense... Weiterlesen →

vRealize Network Insight 5.1 Released

vRealize Network Insight 5.1 ReleasedvRealize Network Insight 5.1 ReleasedVMware has released a vRealize Network Insight 5.1. vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) supports a large number of vendors which are switch/router vendors...Read MoreVMware Social Media Advocacy

Load Balancing in 2020 and Beyond

Load Balancing in 2020 and BeyondLoad Balancing in 2020 and BeyondHappy New Year! Load balancing enters 2020! As we reflect on the previous decades, it’s interesting to see how applications, infrastructure, and load balancers have evolved: The 1990s — Monolithic applications and bare metal infrastructure in data center racks were the lifeblood of enterprise IT.VMware... Weiterlesen →


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