Dell VxRail discovery with IP Adress

If you have a problem with the IPv6 multicast discovery during the VxRail initial cluster deployment, here´s another option!! You can add hosts via IP address by klicking the + button in the top right corner and add all hosts by IP Adress and root password. But first you need to configure the IP settings... Weiterlesen →

vMotion with 40GbE NIC

One fact I discovered recently is that when you use 40GbE NIC for vMotion is that only a single vmkernel port can´t use the full 40gig potential. One VMkernel port will only bring 18 GbE throughput, the second VMkernel port increases the throughput up to 28 GbE and the third VMkernel port increases the performance to 36... Weiterlesen →

Performance impact after Spectre&Meltdown?

What is the performance loss in the VMware Hypervisor after applying the patches to fix the Spectre & Meltdown issue? VMware released a KB article where you will be informed when they have results of their performance analysis. Spectre & Meltdown: VMware Performance Impact Subscribe the KB article to be up tp date 😉

VMware Security Advisory – VMSA-2018-0001 -…

VMware Security Advisory – VMSA-2018-0001 – vSphere Data Protection VMware Security Advisory - VMSA-2018-0001 -... I know you are all busy patching Meltdown and Spectre, but let's not forget about a security advisory that VMware released so early this year, on 2nd January 2018: VMSA-2018-0001 - vSphere Data Protection (VDP) updates address multiple security issues.... Weiterlesen →

Meltdown & Spectre: FAQ’s & Links!

Meltdown & Spectre: FAQ’s & Links! Meltdown & Spectre: FAQ's & Links! Meltdown & Spectre: FAQ's & Links! VMware Links: Meltdown & Spectre FAQ's: Meltdown-Spectre FAQs VMware Security & Compliance Blog: VMSA-2018-0004: KB Articles: Po...Read More VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware Spectre and Meltdown Information

VMware Spectre and Meltdown Information VMware Spectre and Meltdown Information A blog regarding virtualization, cloud computing, VMware, Microsoft related technology. Including news of certifications. VMware Social Media Advocacy


VMSA-2018-0002 VMSA-2018-0002 Today VMware has released the following new security advisory: VMSA-2018-0002 – VMware ESXi, Workstation and Fusion updates address side-channel analysis due to speculative execution. This advisory documents remediation for known variants of the Bounds-Check Bypass (CVE-2017-5753) and Branch Target Injection (CVE-2017-5715) issues due to speculative execution disclosed today by Google Project Zero. These... Weiterlesen →


VMSA-2018-0001 VMSA-2018-0001 New VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2018-0001 On January 2nd 2018 VMware released the following new security advisory: VMSA-2018-0001 – vSphere Data Protection (VDP) updates address multiple security issues. This documents several critical severity issues affecting VDP. Issue (a) is an authenication bypass vulnerability (CVE-2017-15548). A remote unauthenticated malicious user can potentially bypass application authentication... Weiterlesen →

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