Learn more – Avi Application Delivery How-To…

Learn more - Avi Application Delivery How-To video seriesLearn more - Avi Application Delivery How-To...Watch how Avi delivers software-defined application services in any data center or cloud environment. Watch our application services how-to videos today!VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware Partnership Perspectives Podcasts

VMware Partnership Perspectives PodcastsVMware Partnership Perspectives PodcastsCheck out these recent podcasts, hosted by VMware’s own Kathleen Tandy, Vice President of Global Partner and Alliances Marketing, and subscribe today so you don’t miss an episode. William Huber, CTO and SVP of Technology Services, CDI LLCMastering Modern IT Steve White, Program VP of Channels and Alliances, IDCBreaking... Weiterlesen →

PostgreSQL Performance Study on VMware vSphere…

PostgreSQL Performance Study on VMware vSphere 7 with Intel Optane DC Persistent MemoryPostgreSQL Performance Study on VMware vSphere...We recently conducted a new performance study that focuses on running a PostgreSQL database in a vSphere 7.0 U2 VM with Intel Optane DC persistent memory (PMem). The post PostgreSQL Performance Study on VMware vSphere 7 with Intel... Weiterlesen →

Extreme Performance Series – Accelerating…

Extreme Performance Series – Accelerating Oracle Workloads on VMware Hybrid CloudsExtreme Performance Series – Accelerating...Mark Achtemichuk talks with Sudhir Balasubramanian about the best practices for running Oracle databases on VMware hybrid cloud environments. Links to additional resources mentioned in the video: Oracle on VMware Resources– One Stop Shop https://blogs.vmware.com/apps/2017/01/oracle-vmware-collateral-one-stop-shop.html Extreme Performance Series 2021 Video Blogs... Weiterlesen →

Multi-Cloud Use Maturity – State of the Market…

Multi-Cloud Use Maturity – State of the Market Research FindingsMulti-Cloud Use Maturity – State of the Market...On today’s show, Eric Nielsen and David Jasso talk with David Gehringer. David is a co-founder of Dimensional Research, a well-known market research firm that specializes in understanding the trends affecting the technology landscape. David has recently completed a... Weiterlesen →

vRealize 8.6 Updates via vRSLCM

vRealize 8.6 Updates via vRSLCMvRealize 8.6 Updates via vRSLCMBeyond vROps, vRLI, and vRA, the vRealize Suite comes packaged with the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM). It's the vRealize counterpart to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager. vRSLCM 8.6 has six main services (vRealize Cloud is a new service): Lifecycle Operations - used to manage [...]VMware Social Media... Weiterlesen →


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