Kubernetes Observability & Monitoring in the Cloud

Kubernetes Observability & Monitoring in the CloudKubernetes Observability & Monitoring in the CloudAs we’ve seen in the previous Kubernetes blog posts (part 1,2,3), more and more IT workloads are getting deployed using Kubernetes. Kubernetes has become the platform of choice for developers to create applications on top of. It is easy to write a distributed... Weiterlesen →

PVSCSI Controllers and Queue Depth –…

PVSCSI Controllers and Queue Depth – Accelerating performance for Oracle WorkloadsPVSCSI Controllers and Queue Depth –...For readers who are familiar with the Asterix and Obelix series, the magic potion refers to the potion brewed by Getafix, that gives the Gaulish warriors superhuman strength. One of VMware’s magic portion for Oracle workloads is the ‘Paravirtualized SCSI... Weiterlesen →

What’s New with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1

What’s New with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1What’s New with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1The VMware Cloud Foundation product team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1. This new release builds upon the industry momentum and traction from the March announcement of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 with Tanzu by introducing new features... Weiterlesen →

vSpeaking Podcast Ep 167: VMworld 2020 Preview…

A sneak preview of #VMworld2020 in the next episode of vSpeaking Podcast Ep 167vSpeaking Podcast Ep 167: VMworld 2020 Preview...With VMworld 2020 rapidly approaching, it's time for the Virtually Speaking Podcast's annual VMworld Preview episode. For the first time in history this event will be completely online. This week we welcome Duncan Epping and Ken... Weiterlesen →

Announcing VMware vSphere with Tanzu

Announcing VMware vSphere with TanzuAnnouncing VMware vSphere with TanzuvSphere with Tanzu lets you drop enterprise-grade Kubernetes into the infrastructure you already have, and be up and running with modern apps quickly.VMware Social Media Advocacy

AMD SEV-ES Support in vSphere 7

AMD SEV-ES Support in vSphere 7AMD SEV-ES Support in vSphere 7vSphere 7 Update 1 adds support for AMD SEV-ES, a wonderful improvement to workload security when running on AMD EPYC server hardware. Join Bob Plankers to learn more about this feature.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Introducing VMware vSAN HCI Mesh

Introducing VMware vSAN HCI MeshIntroducing VMware vSAN HCI MeshVMware vSAN HCI Mesh The Scale out architecture of VMware vSAN enables powerful non-disruptive scale-up or scale-out capabilities. You can non-disruptively expand capacity and performance by adding hosts to a cluster (scale-out) or just grow capacity by adding disks to a host (scale-up). As application workloads organically... Weiterlesen →

5 Tips for VMworld 2020

5 Tips for VMworld 20205 Tips for VMworld 2020I'm sure many of us already know that VMware had taken the necessary steps to cancel this year's in-person event, replacing it with an online experience on September 29, through to October 1st 2020. With this in mind, make sure you have a [...]VMware Social Media Advocacy


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