How R&D culture impacts acquisitions and…

How R&D culture impacts acquisitions and trend-spotting at VMwareHow R&D culture impacts acquisitions and...It’s All-Stars season for VMware Inc. The virtualization company rounds out a week of recognition with RADIO, a one-day gathering to honor VMware’s elite engineers. The annual research and development event follows close behind VMware’s Sales Club ceremonies. For Chief Executive Officer... Weiterlesen →

Introducing CloudSpot: Our New Podcast to Keep…

Introducing CloudSpot: Our New Podcast to Keep you Cloud Ready!Introducing CloudSpot: Our New Podcast to Keep...Introducing CloudSpot: Our New Podcast to Keep you Cloud Ready! What is CloudSpot? CloudSpot is a new podcast that discusses the latest cloud technologies from the Cloud Providers’ perspective and covers new products and updates from the VMware Cloud Provider... Weiterlesen →

VMware Cloud Briefing | June 4, 2019

VMware Cloud Briefing | June 4, 2019VMware Cloud Briefing | June 4, 2019On June 4 at 8 a.m. PDT, join VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and the industry’s leading technologists and thought leaders for VMware Cloud Briefing 2019, a global streaming event on the forces shaping the cloud. Register here.VMware Social Media Advocacy

PowerCLI cross vCenter vMotion fails

PowerCLI cross vCenter vMotion failsPowerCLI cross vCenter vMotion failsAm trying to script some vMotions for lots of our VMs that we are moving to a new vSAN cluster. VMs in the same vCenter are fine and complete without any issues. VMs in the other vCenter (same SSO domain behind LB PSC) fail though with the... Weiterlesen →

vSAN for Education

vSAN for EducationvSAN for EducationIt's important to have a smart, future-ready infrastructure for education. VMware vSAN offers a cost-effective solution that can give you flexibility and choices.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Managed container services face-off: Enterprise…

Managed container services face-off: Enterprise PKS vs. OpenShiftManaged container services face-off: Enterprise...In this evaluation of popular managed container services, IT consultant Tom Nolle pit VMware Enterprise PKS vs. OpenShift from Red Hat to determine the best option for enterprises -- particularly those with hybrid cloud deployments. Both platforms have key benefits and drawbacks to consider.VMware... Weiterlesen →

vSpeaking Podcast Episode 115: Virtual Volumes

vSpeaking Podcast Episode 115: Virtual VolumesvSpeaking Podcast Episode 115: Virtual VolumesVMware Virtual Volumes is an integration and management framework for external storage that provides finer control at the VM-level, streamlines storage operation and offers flexibility of choice. This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome several of the VVol partners to share insight into... Weiterlesen →

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