VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2 What’s new update

VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2 What's new updateVMware Cloud Director 10.3.2 What's new updateLearn all about the 10.3.2 latest update in Cloud Director: 03:01 Overview of the update, main themes 03:30 NVIDIA GPU support 13:13 Customized NSX-T Segment profiles 14:42 Edge Gateway rate limiting 16:45 Edge Gateway distributed routing bypass 17:50 Container Service Extension 3.1.2 19:32... Weiterlesen →

VMware Validated Solutions – January 2022 Update

VMware Validated Solutions – January 2022 UpdateVMware Validated Solutions – January 2022 UpdateThe festive season is over, new year’s resolutions are in full swing and hears January’s update on VMware Validated Solutions. We didn’t provide an update in December as taking time out and spending downtime with our families is crucial for our mental wellbeing... Weiterlesen →

Horizon Deployment Guide for VMware Cloud on…

Horizon Deployment Guide for VMware Cloud on Dell EMCHorizon Deployment Guide for VMware Cloud on...The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Horizon Deployment Guide provides a brief overview of the tasks involved in deploying Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.VMware Social Media Advocacy

Technical Overview: VMware Horizon Deployed on…

Technical Overview: VMware Horizon Deployed on VMware Cloud on Dell EMCTechnical Overview: VMware Horizon Deployed on...When deployed together, VMware Cloud™ on Dell EMC and VMware Horizon® deliver a unique hybrid cloud solution for virtual desktops and applications where VMware takes on the burden of managing the underlying infrastructure in a customer’s data center, edge, or... Weiterlesen →

Solution Architecture: Horizon on VMware Cloud…

Solution Architecture: Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell EMCSolution Architecture: Horizon on VMware Cloud...You can deploy Horizon on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC to scale Horizon desktops and applications with the simplicity and agility of the public cloud and the security and control of on-premises infrastructure delivered as a service to data center and edge... Weiterlesen →

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Lightning Lab

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Lightning LabVMware Cloud on Dell EMC Lightning LabWalk through the process of ordering a VMware Cloud on Dell EMC SDDC and configuring uplinks to connect to the data center networks through the included top-of-rack switches.VMware Social Media Advocacy

VMware HCX for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware HCX for VMware Cloud on Dell EMCVMware HCX for VMware Cloud on Dell EMCIn this lab, we will be deploying and configuring VMware HCX on-premises to connect our environment and stretch our Apps network to the cloud. During deployment, the VMware HCX Cloud components are deployed to the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC SDDC... Weiterlesen →

Improve Network Security with Advanced Threat…

Improve Network Security with Advanced Threat ProtectionImprove Network Security with Advanced Threat...A new year brings new hope for optimism. One of the things we’re most excited about this year is watching innovative companies continue to come out with new security solutions to stay ahead of all the advances hackers continue to make with new malware... Weiterlesen →

VMware Tanzu Application Service Delivers…

VMware Tanzu Application Service Delivers Operational Excellence During Log4Shel...VMware Tanzu Application Service Delivers...On two occasions in December 2021, VMware Tanzu Application Service released remediations within 48 hours of critical CVEs being announced. These remediations were both in response to the Log4j saga, enabling VMware customers to defend against attack vectors quickly after the Day 0... Weiterlesen →


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