[Deep Dive] Co-Management Onboarding Options…

[Deep Dive] Co-Management Onboarding Options with SCCM and Workspace ONE UEM

[Deep Dive] Co-Management Onboarding Options…

Modern management of Windows 10 allows cloud-based, API-driven administration of desktop devices by leveraging native OS MDM hooks. Enabling modern management for Windows 10 simplifies IT, however the path to get there may come at high cost and effort. That’s why co-management with traditional PCLM tools comes in handy and eases the risk and effort in transitioning to modern management. In principle, co-management allows Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch technology to co-exist alongside your current PCLM tool, such as SCCM. This video highlights what it takes to seamlessly onboard your SCCM-managed devices over to Workspace ONE UEM for various use-cases such as domain-join, workgroup devices, using older versions of Windows 10 or…Read More

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