A conversation with Joe Beda (The Podlets, Ep 6…

A conversation with Joe Beda (The Podlets, Ep 6 Bonus)

A conversation with Joe Beda (The Podlets, Ep 6…

We use this open table discussion to look at a bunch of exciting topics from Joe’s past, present, and future. He shares some of the invaluable lessons he has learned and offers some great tips and concepts from his vast experience building platforms over the years. We also talk about personal things like stress management, avoiding burnout and what is keeping him up at night with excitement and confusion! Large portions of the show are obviously spent discussion different aspects and questions about Kubernetes, including its relationship with etcd and Docker, its reputation as a very complex platform and Joe’s thoughts for investing in the space. For the show notes and transcript: TBD Feedback and episode suggestions:…Read More

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