VMware Community Podcast #504 – vSphere 7 Core…

VMware Community Podcast #504 – vSphere 7 Core Features w/ Bob Plankers

VMware Community Podcast #504 – vSphere 7 Core…

On this vCommunity Podcast, we will be covering: – Intro, news and status updates for the community. 5 minutes – 5 Bob Plankers Guest – vSphere 7.0 General Summary, a big bucket list of new features – There is a lot more in vSphere 7.0 the just Kubernetes: vCenter profiles that allow consistent vCenter configurations vCenter greater scalability to support more VM’s and hosts vCenter Update Planner to make upgrading easier vSphere Lifecycle Manager that includes host firmware management Improved DRS that is workload focused on scalable shares Assignable hardware direct to VMs vMotion improvements including reduced stun time and memory copy optimizations VM hardware v17 with a new watchdog timer feature that can monitor the OS Precision…Read More

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