„Update installation failed. vCenter Server is non-operational.“ while VCSA 7 update

During the lattest update of my VCSA 7.0 I got the following error message „Update installation failed. vCenter Server is non-operational.“. That means that you cannot go on with the update wizzard. A reboot didn´t help either.

So that the way to go!

  1. Login to VCSA by SSH
  2. Go to -> cd /etc/applmgmt/appliance/VCSA_Update_Error_1a.jpg
  3. In there is a file called „software_update_state.conf“ which contains an error from a past update try. By using -> cat software_update_state.conf you can see the exact content of this file.VCSA_Update_Error_1b.jpg
  4. Delete that file -> rm software_update_state.conf
  5. check that the file ist deleted -> lsVCSA_Update_Error_1c
  6. try update in VCSA VAMI (fqnd:5480) again an you now will be able to start the update!


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