TGI Kubernetes 133: Hierarchical Namespaces

TGI Kubernetes 133: Hierarchical Namespaces

TGI Kubernetes 133: Hierarchical Namespaces

Join Josh Rosso as he explores some cool stuff in the Kubernetes space! We’ll start the episode out covering what’s new in the cloud native space then get into some exploration! In this episode we’ll be digging into hierarchical namespaces. A new controller available in the Kubernetes ecosystem to help further clusters abilities to support multi-tenancy. episode directory: – 00:00:00 – Welcome to TGIK! – 00:04:37 – Week in Review – 00:15:11 – Hierarchical Namespace Overview – 00:30:05 – Installing HNC and the Plugin – 00:40:53 – Creating Namespaces – 00:54:38 – Synchronizing Objects – 01:15:32 – Experiments with NS Ownership and more! – 01:31:53 – Advanced Resource Quota…Read More

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