VMware VCSA 7.0 error „Update installation failed. vCenter Server is non-operational.“

Some months ago I wanted to update my homelab VCSA 7.0. I used the VAMI update feature to install the latest available update at this time. After pre update check an error message stated that „Update installation failed. vCenter Server is non-operational.“

After some research I discovered that there is a file existing that contains the update state of the VCSA. That file ist located at /etc/applmgmt/appliance and is named software_update_state.conf. With cat software_update_state.conf I checked what exactly the files contains

(Not) Suprisly it cotains an old failed installation state 🙂 So I was sure I found the problem. I decided to delete the complete file with rm software_update_state.conf.

After that I could finally run the Update of the VCSA.

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