How to upgrade to vRealize Operations 8.2

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In this post I will show you how to update/upgrade vRealize Operation Manager 8.1 to version 8.2, so let´s go…


Before you start check the upgrade path, read the release notes and such…

First you will need 2 files, one is the Pre-Check Assessment Tool and the file is called „APUAT-“ and the second one is the file that contains the upgrade itself. This is called „vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-8.x-to-“.

Download them at VMware (vROPS 8.2)and put them to a location where you have access to that files from your workstation.

Pre Check Assessment Tool

Next step is to access the vROPS Admin with a browser of your choice (I used Goggle Chrome). If you don´t know how to get there, here is a short reminder.


Login as Admin or as a user with sufficient permissions to perform this upgrade.

First prepare for the worst case: Set the cluster offline and take a snapshot of any VM that belongs to your vROPS cluster. If you wan´t to shutdown the VMs for the snapshots be aware of the right sequence(remote collector, data node , replica node and Master node). When all snapshot are done, take the cluster back online and go ahead.

Click Software Update in the left panel. then click „Install a Software Update“ and new window opens where you need to upload the „APUAT-“ file. I use to check the „Install the PAK file even if it is already installed“ tick box. I let the rest default and finally clicked the „install“ button to proceed.

Now the system will check the prerequisites and that everything is in a good state to perform the upgrade. When it´s finished you need to check the report here:

  • Click Support > Support Bundles tab
  • Download the latest/small support bundle that was generated by the Assessment Tool one for each node in your vROPS Cluster
  • In each bundle look for cluster_timestamp_nodeaddress/nodeaddress_timestamp_nodeaddress/apuat-data/report/index.html file.
  • The tab „System Validation Checks“, shows you all findings as a final report, when everything is fine you can perform the upgrade. When something is marked yellow or red take a closer look and fix it. If you don´t know what to do file a support request at VMware.

Perform the upgrade

Click Software Update in the left panel

on the right site click „Install a Software Update“ and a new window opens. Now you need to upload the „vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-8.x-to-“ file and check the „Install the PAK file even if it is already installed“ tick box. The Upload will take some minutes. I let the rest default and finally clicked the „install“ button to start the upgarde procedure. You can see the progress will the upgrade is performing. vROPS get restarted during the upgrade procedure, it will notice you but you don´t need to do anything.

If the upgrade is succesfully complete, check if vROPS is running as expected and everything is working properly.

Don´t forget to delete the snapshots if you sure that the upgrade succesfully.

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