Multi-Cloud Podcast: Managing multi-cloud…

Multi-Cloud Podcast: Managing multi-cloud resource provisioning w/ Terraform and vRealize Automation

Multi-Cloud Podcast: Managing multi-cloud…

Our guest on today’s VMware Multi-Cloud Podcast is Cody Carlson. Cody is Senior Solution Architect working within VMware’s Global Customer Support Organization. Unlike many of our guests who work with customers before they deploy a solution based on VMware, Cody most often works with customers after they have deployed their solution and have run into some level of difficulty with the way they architected it. Recently Cody has been spending a lot of time with Terraform by HashiCorp. Terraform is fast becoming one of the most used tools for automating the provisioning of infrastructure in the cloud. On the podcast, Cody gives us a quick tutorial on Infrastructure as Code or IaC and then goes on to discuss the reasons Terraform has become…Read More

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