VMware Multi-Cloud Podcast: DevOps and Cloud…

VMware Multi-Cloud Podcast: DevOps and Cloud Management w/

VMware Multi-Cloud Podcast: DevOps and Cloud…

on today’s multi-cloud podcast, Eric Nielsen and David Jasso sit down with Mandy Storbakken to discuss DevOps and its relationship to Cloud Management. Mandy is a VMware Technology Evangelist with a primary focus on Multi-Cloud Management. The podcast starts with a discussion of what makes the “Ops” part of DevOps so much different than what people think about when they think about more traditional IT Ops. The discussion also addressed how you can assess whether your DevOps program is hitting the mark in terms of adding value to your organization. Finally, the final part of the show focused on understanding the requirements that an effective cloud management solution must address in order to support DevOps across the application…Read More

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