Operationalizing Your Public Cloud: Part 2 –…

Operationalizing Your Public Cloud: Part 2 – Understanding Compute Reservations in Public Cloud

Operationalizing Your Public Cloud: Part 2 –…

Compute reservations are one of the best ways to optimize public cloud usage and costs. But with so many choices across public cloud providers, it’s difficult to know what options are best for your business. In this session, we’ll explain the difference between several types of compute reservations in the public cloud and demonstrate how you can select the best option for your organization. Learn more: Optimize Reserved Instance Management: https://www.cloudhealthtech.com/resources/solution-brief/master-reserved-instance-management-cloudhealth The Ultimate Guide to AWS Savings Plans: https://go.cloudhealthtech.com/eb-aws-ultimate-guide-to-savings-plans.html Managing AWS Savings Plans:…Read More

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