Get Started With Managing Kubernetes Workloads…

Get Started With Managing Kubernetes Workloads Using VMware Tanzu Standard and VMware Cloud on AWS

Get Started With Managing Kubernetes Workloads…

Are you an IT admin or a Cloud admin who would like to take part in Application Modernization initiatives? Did you know that your Platform Operators and SREs can now get started with managing Kubernetes workloads through familiar Dev Ops tools? Join two VMware Cloud on AWS experts to learn about how you can benefit from the recently announced support for VMware Tanzu Standard to kick start application development on your unused cloud capacity on VMware Cloud on AWS, using familiar tools. Also learn how you can support multiple developer teams using VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and empower your Platform Operators or SREs with VMware Tanzu Mission Control. Join us to discover how to accelerate Application Modernization in your…Read More

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