Disaster Protection with Azure VMware Solution…

Disaster Protection with Azure VMware Solution and Site Recovery Manager

Disaster Protection with Azure VMware Solution…

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is VMware’s leading disaster recovery software providing automated failover and failback orchestration of virtual machines with minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. Customers can now take advantage of these capabilities with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS). In this demo we’ll show you how to deploy and configure vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager in AVS, then step through replicating and failing over workloads from on-premises to the Azure cloud. Resources to learn more: Azure VMware Solution on VMware Cloud Tech Zone: https://via.vmw.com/avstechzone Azure VMware Solution Hands-on Labs: http://hol.pub/avs Core Platform Tech Zone – Site Recovery Manager:…Read More

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