LIVE: What’s New in vSphere 7U3 & vSAN 7U3

LIVE: What’s New in vSphere 7U3 & vSAN 7U3

LIVE: What’s New in vSphere 7U3 & vSAN 7U3

Join us live on Wednesday to talk about what’s new and changed in vSphere 7 Update 3 and vSAN 7 Update 3. As always, bring your questions and comments, and we’ll answer them live! Topics we’ll likely cover (depending on time and the number of questions, we always prioritize the comments): improvements to vSAN edge deployments & resilience, VM I/O trip analyzer, Skyline Health checks, vSphere with Tanzu & Kubernetes capabilities, networking & network monitoring, AI & ML workload support, persistent memory, storage, the vSphere Client, timekeeping, and more.

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